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Tree Services in Charleston

Tree Services in Charleston, SC

Welcome to Tree Service Charleston, the best and most professional team of arborists in South Carolina. As tree doctors we do everything possible to ensure the health of trees but in a way that matches with our customers’ needs and safety. Even when we have to remove trees we ensure that we do it in the most environmentally sensitive way possible and with zero damage to other trees or your property.

About Us
We’re not cowboys with chainsaws. We’re qualified, licensed, insured arborists with the knowledge to handle trees in the best way to ensure the great results that you want. That’s as true of our pruning and trimming services to get the best growth from living trees as it is when a tree reaches the other end of the life cycle and has to be safely removed in order to promote new growth from more trees. We take care of the trees and the land they live in as well as watching out for you, your family, and your property.

As qualified arborists we take care of all aspects of a tree’s health and appearance throughout that life cycle from planting through to administering the last rights and clearing up the mess but while our knowledge covers the whole lifespan the services we get called upon to deliver the most are mostly on the tree surgeon side of the equation, using our skills to make the cuts that save trees, make them stronger, and of course keep them away from places or property where they’re not wanted. So while the following are a few of our most in demand services there isn’t room here for a complete list of the tree skills we have. If you don’t see what it is you’re looking for then call us now and let’s talk about what it is you need.

Tree removal for your property can provide many benefits.

Here are 5 of the top benefits you can expect from tree removal:

#1 Removing a tree from your property can help get it out of the way of buildings or sidewalks, so people viewing your property will have more room to walk. #2 Removing a tree from your property might make it easier for potential buyers to visualize what the home would look like without a tree in its way. #3 Removing a diseased or dying tree from the yard might allow other trees on the property to flourish and grow more successfully. #4 Removing a tree that is growing too close to power lines not only reduces the risk of fire but also reduces utility bills by allowing company workers easy access for maintenance. #5 Removing a tree from your property might make it easier for potential buyers to visualize what the home would look like without a tree in its way. We’re qualified, licensed, insured arborists with the knowledge to handle trees in the best way to ensure the great results that you want. That’s as true of our pruning and trimming services to get the best growth from living trees as it is when a tree reaches the other end of the life cycle and has to be safely removed in order to promote new growth from more trees. We take care of the trees and the land they live in as well as watching out for you, your family, and your property . Something has to be done about the tree on your property and you need to make that decision. Before calling any company, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself to better understand what’s involved: Question 1: How much does having this tree removed cost? If it is going to cost me money I’m not sure I want it removed. At Tree Service Charleston we understand how important trees are but also how important budgets are so we will work with you to ensure timely removal but at an affordable price. Apart from our monthly services where reasonable costs start under $200 for arbor maintenance, we also provide flat rate pricing for those who wish only one time service or have certain items they know they can pay less for. If you have an emergency after a storm, we do not charge extra for the weekend. Trees as old as 1500 years have been identified in Charleston so there are plenty of different kinds of trees that can grow here. Some are native species while others were introduced by European colonists throughout history so chances are good that if it’s tree related, we can help with whatever needs your property may have. Question 2: How long is the process going to take for cutting down and removing a tree from your property? Tree Service Charleston provides fast and responsive service. Our mission is to get the job done quickly and with as little disruption to your property as possible. We can start work immediately after we arrive on site, so you don’t have long periods of time in which people are working on the job but it’s not finished yet. Typically tree removal jobs are able to be completed within a few days so there isn’t much waiting for results. Most of our competitors require at least one down day following removal so if they say that the job will take one day it usually really means three days because there is always something else that happens that causes them to come back again another day.

Pros vs Cons of Hiring a Licensed, Professional Arborist

-Arborists have trained on how to safely trim trees.

-Arborists provide preventative care during tree trimming.

-Hire a arborist for tree trimming to get an experience and professional that knows the secrets of the trade.

-Tree service companies can provide tree trimming services that need to be done quickly or within a short timeframe.

-Licensed and insured arborists can help with greater problems on your property you wouldn’t have known existed if you removed or trimmed your tree on your own.

-Your property will be free of the danger or worry that comes with unsafe or unhealthy trees.

-Arborists can provide advice to help when it is time for a tree to be removed from your property because it has reached its life cycle.

Trees are an important part of the environment so make sure they are safe by hiring a arborist every once and awhile to do routine maintenance as well as remove any dangerous branches before someone gets hurt on them.


-Trees might damage your property if they don’t get trimmed.

-A lot of people hire arborists for tree trimming because their property values are diminished with overgrown trees

-Tree service companies offer monthly maintenance packages that include regular tree pruning which helps maintain healthy growth cycles, so trees can live longer and avoid diseases.

What are the different options for getting rid of an old tree? Living in South Carolina, we encounter many types of trees, sometimes very unique or unusual specimens. Choosing what to do with your tree may seem like a hard decision but there are actually several ways you can remove it from your property without spending a lot of money. Some people choose to plant new trees while others prefer having the wood recycled into something they can use around their home like furniture or railroad ties . You might even be able to sell any excess lumber directly to other customers who need it for various projects around their own properties if you know where to look for them.. There is always an option for something you may not be able to use at your property but someone else can. You might even be surprised by how many people offer free or discounted services on trees or wood depending on who you are. Trees and wood that is in good condition may actually be worth more than what you think so don’t just assume it’s junk and throw it away because others, like tree trimming companies, might appreciate having a colorful old tree trunk as part of the décor in their yard.

Trees that have died due to disease are usually removed by a licensed arborist who has their own equipment including things like chain saws and chipper trucks to help with all the tree debris that will result from cutting down huge trees with trunks.

Here are 7 steps on how to hire a tree service company in Charleston

1. Call a professional tree company;

2. A arborist will come out to your property and give an estimate on how much it will cost and what needs to be done;

3. The climber, who has its own equipment such as a bucket truck or landscaping tractor, will come out and do the removal work (like cutting the trunk of the tree with a chainsaw) so it can be transported more easily through the gate or over a power line;

4. The ground crew, also known as the stump grinders, will come back to your property with their chipper trucks and grinder attachments for any remaining pieces of wood they couldn’t remove earlier;

5. They’ll also take care of the root system left behind;

6. They’ll dispose of any branches, wood and soil using their chipper trucks.

7. After everything is removed, they’ll give you a final bill and let you know how much of the wood will be recycled.

These professionals are also available to do things like tree pruning every year before new growth occurs in order to help branches from growing too wide and damaging your property or others nearby due to weight it may not be able to bear. If trees are left alone for too long, they can eventually fall on top of vehicles causing expensive damage that could have been prevented if regular tree maintenance had been performed on a semi-regular basis instead.

Here are 3 different members of a qualified tree care crew, that every reputable company should have:

A typical tree service company will have a variety of crew on staff to work with different pieces of machinery.

1) The climber, who is required for any higher up tasks including cutting the top of the tree with a chainsaw, will be using their own equipment like a bucket truck or landscaping tractor to remove all branches and trunks that are cut down in the process by moving them out of your property with little damage to it;

2) The ground crew, who performs most of the labor and can often get help from other members of the climbing team when needed, uses chipper trucks with grinders attached to them for grinding up remaining pieces of wood left behind after trees and limbs have been cut off;

3) Some companies even have some members of their team specially trained in handling hazardous materials, such as trees that may be infested with termites or other tree diseases.

Whenever you have large branches and wood in need of removal from your yard, it’s best to call a professional who has access to the kinds of machinery needed to get the job done safely and efficiently; they will also have all the safety equipment necessary for working at heights like harnesses, ropes and chainsaws. In addition to removing trees and limbs properly , workers should leave behind no debris such as stumps or nails behind because they are responsible for clearing everything on your property including patches of disturbed soil left by chippers or grinders. The amount of work for tree removal companies will vary depending on the size of the tree and area on your property it needs to be removed from.

If you have a lot of trees that need maintenance done, such as pruning or mulching, a landscaping company who has their own equipment may be better equipped to handle the quantity of work required because they’ll likely be able to get everything done faster than other professionals available for hire like licensed arborists or ground crews would.

Sick or dying trees can often indicate problems with water drainage in your yard which could lead to additional issues while waiting for them to eventually fall over and do damage; it’s best to get them removed before this happens so you’re not faced with having deal with any more expensive damage that could be prevented.

Tree service companies will have different costs for doing the same amount of work depending on which equipment they use to remove trees and limbs, or how long it takes them to do it, so asking about this will help you figure out whether one is more affordable than others. In addition, you should ask about hidden fees like cleanup costs because those can vary as well.

Some tree removal companies may not request any money up front; when they perform their work, instances like damage caused by previous owners or missing parts of a structure after taking down an old deck in preparation for a new one can occur; these instances can require additional time and materials used to fix the property’s condition as best as possible before moving forward with the yard work; these instances will lead to unexpected costs that a landscaping company may not cover, despite previously agreeing on a price with you.

Trees and any plant material in your landscaping can significantly affect how the rest of your property looks like depending on their condition; some trees are plagued by insects that eat away at them until they eventually fall over which could ruin your curb appeal or even damage other areas of your home if there’s no one looking after them. Trees also often serve as noise buffers between properties which reduce sound pollution for nearby homes or businesses, so removing them has the potential to negatively impact those who live around you. Keeping all plants healthy requires regular attention whether it’s from a professional lawn care service or someone cutting.

Want to remove a tree from your yard, yourself? To remove a tree, there are many considerations. What do you want to do with the removed tree? Do you know how much it weighs? The amount of trees and debris varies from one job to another, so it is difficult to give an estimated cost for removing them without seeing the actual site and examining the materials. You may need a dumpster or skip bin if you plan to throw away any part of the tree; otherwise, you could just hire anyone who has suitable equipment like chainsaw-equipped arborists or ground crews.

Removing trees is not an easy task. It requires the right equipment and knowledge of how to do it safely.

Follow these five steps for removing a tree yourself.

1) Get all necessary tools together before starting work, including chainsaw, chipper or grinder, safety harnesses, ropes and chainsaws;

2) Clear away any debris on the ground around where you want to start cutting down the tree so that there’s no chance of tripping over anything while working at heights;

3) Cut off branches as close to the trunk as possible with a chainsaw or pruning shears if they’re too high up for you to reach;

4) Use a grinder or chipper to remove the rest of the tree limbs, branches and trunk from the ground;

5) Remove any stumps left behind with an excavator or grinders. Be careful when using an excavator because they can deeply sink into muddy soil, throw rocks that are hard to see and break blades more easily than grinders do.

Additional Tip: Do not cut down a tree when you are too tired to think straight. It is easy for people who are overworked to make mistakes that can endanger themselves and anyone else helping.

Trees that are removed during storms or high winds can damage nearby property as they fall over, so it’s good to have a few different companies available for hire in case you need immediate help after something like this happens. Tree service businesses will typically charge by how much work needs to be done but also if there is other damage that occurs nearby too.

Some trees can be saved even if they are completely uprooted, but it will depend on the type of tree and how much damage there is to its roots; this will typically require a professional arborist who knows what they’re doing, so you may not want to use any others when your home or property’s safety is involved.

The cost of having someone remove all the trees from your backyard will vary depending on their size and you needing disposal bins for them afterwards; hiring one company for everything might end up being cheaper than using two separate ones so ask around or get in touch with professionals in your area to figure out what would work best for you.

If you are considering removing large trees by yourself or with just a few friends, there are some safety considerations that should be taken before doing anything too dangerous.

Trees can weigh hundreds of pounds even after they have been cut down, so always use ropes and other safety devices to help you secure them while they are being moved around; something that is easy mistakes to make if it has been a long day.

Always cut away from your body when using a chainsaw or any other saws, and be sure to wear protective clothing that will protect you from anything going wrong like a hard fall or getting hit by branches. Extra care should also be taken if there are power lines that could get damaged during an impromptu tree removal project because of the dangers involved with electricity running through the air along with metal objects.

If you only own a few trees on your property, then removing them yourself might not save much money in comparison to hiring someone else for doing this job; it’s important to consider all the issues involved with tree removal before making any quick decisions.

Interest: If you have just a few trees to manage, then it might be cheaper for you to hire a local specialist that can get rid of them for you instead of doing it yourself or using your own equipment; if it is a job that involves complete tree removal, than there are many options available to people who need help dealing with these types of situations. Online searches will show companies in your area, and many offer different levels of service regarding what needs to be done along with prices that may vary depending on the services needed. Service providers should also have liability insurance in case anything goes wrong during their work so look into this when comparing estimates from different businesses too.

The Process of Stump Grinding and Removal, Explained:

Stump grinding is done by machines which are designed to cut, grind and dispose of stumps that have been removed from property. There are also stump grinding services available for hire if you do not want to remove your own tree stumps yourself. Stump grinding typically does not require much in the way of special safety measures beyond paying attention to what is going on around you when doing it.

There are many factors in pricing, such as how big the stump is and whether or not there will be any damage done nearby during removal; asking several different companies may give you a better idea of what one job would cost you than looking at just one estimate because prices can vary greatly from business to business.

If you plan on having several trees removed, then it might be worth hiring contractors who offer a flat rate for the job so that you can avoid having to pay more than what is expected due to unforeseen circumstances; this may be harder work but it could help you save money in the long run.

Stump grinding can cause damage if it is not handled properly, so make sure that whoever is doing this will have all of the necessary equipment and skills needed for getting rid of tree stumps safely while also paying attention to things such as staying away from property lines when working.


What areas do you serve?

Our tree removal services are available throughout Charleston proper in neighbors like Harleston Village, Cannonborough, and Wagener Terrace. We also serve the surrounding areas including North Charleston, West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, Morris Island, and John’s Island.

What types of trees do you work with and have knowledge on??

Our team has extensive knowledge of all local arbor species, and how to best care for them. Our Charleston tree trimming experts will remove any tree from your property, if that is the best solution for your particular case. No matter how tall or large, we have the equipment and know-how to get it done.

How much does tree removal cost?

We provide tree removal starting at affordable prices so you won’t have to break the bank. We offer free personalized estimates that include all prices for cutting down trees safely and efficiently. A single tree of roughly 30 feet could be as low as $500 to bring down. Depending on the area the tree is growing in, and possible hazardous obstacles, this will vary in pricing. For larger trees the price can go upwards of $5000 based on several factors. Cost will also depend on whether the home owner would like our team to haul off debris or leave it on the property. We hope to leave property as spotless and clear as possible, but we are happy to leave the tree down if this is what is preffered.  If you would like to have the most safe space after tree removal, we recommend grinding down the stump as well.

Is tree removal considered landscaping?

Tree removal can sometimes get blanketed under  the scope of landscaping work, but most general landscapers are not qualified arborists. Landscapers tend to have more knowledge in grass, sod, shrubs and bushes. We on the other hand have been educated strictly in tree care. Among our team, we have decades of both formal education and on the job experience. For over 20 years, Elite Tree Removal of Charleston has been providing expert tree trimming services for homeowners. When you need tree care or tree removals done right the first time, look no further than our team of certified arborists to have your trees trimmed and removed with efficiency. We are proud to say we have been in this industry for generations.

What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning, unlike trimming is only used to cut unneccessary branches and limbs. In tree trimming, our team cuts parts of each branch to give your tree the best path for healthy growth. We provide both of these similar services, but we ultimately want what is best for our clients. If that means we have a difference in opinion, we will always do what we can to go with your vision for your trees.

How do you choose the right arborist?

To choose the right arborist, we recommend you go with a company of certified experts who have years of industry knowledge and your trees’ best interest in mind. We are well versed on the proper techniques of removal and trimming to ensure that your trees and surrounding outdoor oasis remain healthy and beautiful for many years. We have been doing this long rather than following some sort of local trend, or to make a couple extra bucks. Our tree removal services are available as both a one-time tree removal up to ongoing maintenance. If you have multiple trees, rest assured we will get the job done efficiently so you don’t need to think about hanging branches over telephone wires, or falling limbs on your home or car during the next wind storm. If you are unsure whether the trees on your property are in healthy condition, our team of elite arborists would be happy to give you a professional opinion.

How do you remove larger trees safely?

We always have our team and our client’s safety at the top of our minds. When tackling larger trees, we have our climbers go up to the canopy, buckled in for safety, to tie off individual branches to make their descent safer after cutting. This way we can take on bigger branches one at a time so that when the time comes for the trunk to fall, it is a cleaner fall, taking up as little space possible, once down. This way we also avoid bringing any surrounding wires or fencing down that are not in the direct falling line of the trunk.

Is tree removal covered by insurance?

Tree removal can be covered by insurance, depending on your providers and your particular tree situation. In many cases, insurance can cover fallen trees due to natural disasters, if property has been damaged, but it is always best to check with your company and your coverage.

Do trees increase your property value?

Having lush beautiful trees on your lawn can increase your property value, but having unhealthy trees can lead to disastrous situations which may put your home and family at risk and should be dealt with sooner rather than later. We will remove any tree that you are not happy with – whether it’s in the front yard or back yard. We’ll also clean up your property afterwards so there won’t be a mess left behind from any debris. We want to make sure all of our neighbors in Charleston are tree-healthy and tree-happy, which is why we have been providing tree trimming services for all of our Charleston neighbors for so long.

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“We had a number of old tree stumps around the place dating back to a previous owner but we’d always just ignored them until one of them turned into a hot spot for fungi and we wanted to get rid of it for the sake of the kids. Tree Service Charleston explained that the old stumps can pose a risk to other trees and made us a great price to remove all of the stumps in one afternoon.”


“We have a line of trees outside the office spaces we manage and have to ensure that they don’t get too close to the windows and are strong enough to survive any kind of bad weather. Tree Service Charleston take care of regular trimming and installed some cabling so that our tenants can see that we take our responsibilities seriously.”


“We wanted a patio and wondered how we would manage that given the uneven land, tangled undergrowth and lumps of old concrete that were lurking in the brush. Tree Service Charleston didn’t make a fuss, they just set to work and cleared the whole place for us.”

Industry Partners

We take pride in supporting qualified arborists around the country. We recommend these companies highly, and have confidence that any friends of our customers located in different regions will find the solutions they seek with our partners. In Frankston, be sure to check out Tree Removal Frankston, for excellent arbor services.