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The arborists of Tree Service Charleston have dedicated their professional lives to the preservation and careful management of trees in all their glory. We love it when customers come to us and ask how we can populate their property with new trees or treat their existing trees to ensure they look great and grow healthily but we are also tree surgeons and that also means a lot of our work is the business of cutting back and trimming to size. Sadly this sometimes means we have to step in to administer the last rights for trees that have had their day and now pose problems for people and property or are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. We work with respect for the immediate environment we are in and the environment at large, taking care to avoid harmful chemicals and embracing practices that minimize the environmental impact of our work on trees. We do that not only because our work makes as aware of the importance of trees for our global survival, but also the importance of your immediate environment for you, your children, and your pets. We aim to keep everybody safe, to protect your property, and to ensure that your trees thrive the way you want them. We might be tree huggers, but we’re sure not afraid of hard work. So as gentle and caring as we may be as we nurture we are also great at the rough stuff; the cutting and hauling and land clearance that means ground can be freed up for new growth. We love our work, and we’re confident you will too.