Tell Us Your Tree Service Needs!

Emergency Tree Service

Nobody wants to think of the worst happening but there’s no getting away from the fact that trees are big, heavy, tall, and often very close to the property you value and the home you and your family live in. So when the weather or structural weakness in a tree do strike the results can be dramatic. That’s precisely when you want to have our number to hand to call us in to help straight away, minimizing any damage, tidying up the debris, and protecting your property and your people.

Fallen Trees

Fallen trees or damaged and cracked trees that look likely to fall can quickly turn into obstructions or blunt instruments ready to hammer at your property. We are on hand to respond immediately to your emergency call out to prevent falling trees or if it’s already too late to cut them up and remove them so we can get on with repairing any damage to your property.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are the best way to support trees that are threatening to come down and we have a number of techniques including static steel bracing and dynamic fabric based bracing to either hold a tree rigidly in place or to allow it a certain amount of room so as to be able to flex with the wind and not simply be fighting the forces of nature. If you’re looking out the window at a tree that looks like it simply doesn’t have the strength to stand up to a storm then it’s time to call us in to perform emergency bracing and at least buy the time to then operate on the tree and render it safe and healthy for the future.

Preventative Maintenance

The best emergency service is the one you don’t have to call on and we can make that happen for you by coming to your property and conducting a full risk assessment of your trees. We will spot potential faults, weak points, and hazards for your trees, your property, and your family and work to brace weak limbs, cut away failing growth, and trim trees before they get close enough to cause damage in storms or high winds. Annual preventative maintenance is by far the best way to ensure that your trees remain healthy and your property remains undamaged and time and time again we have seen that the cost of preventative maintenance is easily offset compared to the eventual cost of any damage that happens and then has to be repaired. Call us today and we will arrange an inspection and talk to you about the maintenance type and schedule that will best suit your needs.

Damage Debris

Since we also operate a full debrisĀ removal service we are the team to help you smooth away life’s upsets after tree damage. We will take away not only any fallen timber and tree branches but also the debris and rubble that has resulted from the damage itself. We always dispose of debris responsibly and ensure that we recycle any recyclable materials.