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Land Clearing

Life is all about moving on and whether you’re looking to clear land ready for construction or for replanting or even creating an entirely new forest or orchard we have the tools the manpower and the skills you need to successfully prepare land for its new purpose. Land clearing is often a daunting looking task with a mixture of dead and live trees, rocks, rubble, and undergrowth and that’s before you have considerations like gradients and uneven ground to deal with. So make light work of the big jobs by calling on us, the professional land clearance specialists and ensure that your land gets cleared with no unnecessary damage to neighboring trees or plants.

Costs of Land Clearing

The cost of land clearance comes down to a number of factors – much more so than simply the square acreage of space that needs to be cleared. One of the big factors is whether the land to be cleared is flat or sloped and if it is sloped at what angle and how evenly. Then there’s the question of the kind of undergrowth that’s present; is it grassy, lightly wooded, or heavily forested with significant numbers of trees that need to be cleared? Plus there are questions about the permits that will be required and any environmental or construction guidelines that must be followed. To get an accurate idea of the cost of any land clearance project, big or small, the only real way is to call us and arrange for a free on site evaluation and quotation.

Selective Clearing

This is where you don’t need to raze everything to the ground and start again but you do want certain trees to be removed and the underbrush to be raked away so that it is once again possible to walk around the property. We are called upon to do this as much for agricultural spaces as for commercial areas and of course homes and we are experts in conducting partial clearance without damaging the trees that are meant to remain.

Heavy Duty Clearing

Also known as grading this is really an issue where construction work is planned. This means taking the debris down to the bare soil and usually involves bulldozers, back hoes, and mulchers which work together to leave you with a perfect clear parcel of land ready for the construction team to get working on. The cost of heavy duty grading isn’t just controlled by the size and nature of the terrain but also the amount of debris that has to be hauled afterwards.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s always sad when we have to remove trees to clear land but one of the things we can do is ensure that it’s done with the least amount of environmental damage. That includes the use of mulching machines to break down stumps and trees and produces a usable mulch that has the added benefit of reducing soil erosion. If your land is particularly sensitive then ask us about the use of mulching machines mounted on rubber tracked crawlers to protect it as we work.