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Tree Services we provide in Charleston

Passionate and professional, Tree Service Charleston is a team of talented and qualified arborists with a deep understanding and love of trees. We are trained tree surgeons licensed and insured to carry out the trimming, cutting, and surgical removal of trees as necessary and of course we take great pride in doing that without posing any risk to your person or your property. We will remove those unwanted or unsafe trees without you having to worry about falling timber, damage to nearby property, or any people in the vicinity. We will completely remove those old tree stumps, grinding them out of existence and chasing down the roots if you need those pulled in order to plant new growth. We trim trees for practical and aesthetic reasons, aerating crowded crowns and lifting the height of the lower part of crowns to ensure there is the necessary headroom for access. All that trimming and cutting leads to tree debris and we also gather that debris whether it was the result of our own work or simply the yard clutter that piles up over the year. We’ll go a step further than that too and fully clear land that you want to use for a different purpose. We do all that and we also provide an emergency service should you be surprised by unexpected tree or branch fall or you just worry that there is a risk of fall in forthcoming bad weather. If you don’t immediately see what you need in the following list of our most popular services simply give us a call and we’ll set you right.

Tree Removal
Stump Removal
Tree Trimming
Debris Removal
Emergency Tree Services
Land Clearing