Tell Us Your Tree Service Needs!

Stump Removal

Many tree removal services stop at ground (grade) level and leave a stump behind. Some don’t even take it down to the ground and leave a stump projecting from the ground which can be a trip hazard at the very least and causes real problems for growing a grass lawn, laying paths and driveways, or construction. We can take care of those old stumps for you right down to the ground level and beyond so that the surface is left completely flat and level for you.

Benefits of Stump Removal

The first benefit of getting those old stumps removed is aesthetic – a dead tree stump rarely looks pretty and always suggests that somebody just hasn’t found the time to take care of that job. The next is the practical one that they are a trip hazard, and get in the way of lawn mowers and sometimes driveways too. But there are also less obvious hazards including the fact that dead and rotting stump wood is a magnet for fungi, molds, and insects that may be threats to other trees on your property. So removing stumps not only leaves your land looking better and better cared for but also leaves it healthier for the plants that are still growing.


Top of the line stump grinders are self propelled machines designed to travel over your grass without doing it any damage. We have a range of machines depending on the type of stump and will always choose the one that will get the job done properly while being able to get through narrow gateways and awkward approaches to the site. We can also remove the stumps even when there is a hard surface like tarmac or asphalt surrounding the stump and we will grind out that stump to leave no trace; turning even the most stubborn stump into a wood mulch than can then be used to benefit other plants on your property.

Root Removal

Root removal is a big process because it means not just grinding out that stump but also digging out the large network of roots that support any tree. Bearing in mind that the root network is typically bigger than the visible crown of a tree the roots may represent a big job to remove from a large area. Most people don’t worry about the roots because of the disruption but if you are thinking of planting another new tree on the same site as the old one then those roots can interfere with the healthy growth of the new tree. We will be happy to explain just how much root we have to remove depending on the job in hand.


Pricing depends on the amount of work and the man hours required. A simple stump that just needs grinding might take as little as twenty minutes but a full root removal job will obviously take more and require more careful protection of surrounding plants and structures. We will be happy to do a thorough on site assessment and give you an accurate quote.