Tell Us Your Tree Service Needs!

Tree Removal

It’s a sad day when a tree has to go but when it’s time to remove a tree it’s time to call on the pros to ensure that the job is done with the absolute minimum of fuss and risk to you, your family, or your property. As certified arborists we are fully insured and bonded and our level of skill and experience is your guarantee that trees we remove are taken down and away without any damage to your property. That’s key because there are horror stories out there of amateur tree removal where not only have fallen limbs caused damage to structures but the heavy equipment brought on site has crushed the sewage pipes under the ground. We know how to thoroughly assess a site for potential hazards and cut trees so that the timber falls only where and when we choose. You’ll be glad you called the professionals.

Trees too close

One of the key reasons we get called in to remove a tree is that either due to damage, or the simple results of getting larger over time. That could mean that the trunk or crown begin to block out the light, or limbs could threaten to fall on roofs or be driven through windows by storms. It could mean that trees get perilously close to utility lines, or it could be that root expansion threatens piping under the soil. In that case the best thing to do is to remove the tree as trimming the crown won’t limit the root growth and leaving the tree alive is simply inviting more trouble.

Damaged or Sick Trees

Another reason for removing trees is when their growth simply hasn’t gone to plan. That could be due to storm damage that has weakened a main trunk and left liable to collapse, or it could be that disease has struck a tree and threatens to spread to other healthy trees. Some trees also grow in an inherently unstable way with a trunk that grows into two trunks pulling in opposite directions which leads to stress at the crotch and the risk of splitting later in life. We can judge for you if a tree’s growth is likely to lead to problems further down the line and remove it for you if that’s the case.

Tree Removal Permits

While you don’t normally need a permit to remove a tree from a private home there are exceptions including grand trees (those over 24 inches in diameter at 4.5 feet above the grade) are protected and may need a permit. We can tell you if any of your trees are protected and we can ensure that the paperwork is in order before we start the removal. Tree permits require an inspection so that will add to the time it takes to complete the removal.

Total Removal

Depending on what you want we can complete a total removal or mulch the dead wood for use in your own yard to encourage the growth of other plants. Talk to us as well about ourĀ stump removal service.