Tell Us Your Tree Service Needs!

Tree Trimming

Trees grow, and that means that they can start to impinge on access, block out light and views from your property, reach down to below head height, or start to get threateningly close to anything from windows to power lines. Which means that taking proper care of your trees includes trimming them to keep them in the shape that you want them. Our professional arborists know exactly how to trim tress so that not only do you get the shape you were after but we cut them back in exactly the right way to encourage their health. So we take care of your trees, and your property at the same time.


Safety is paramount when trimming trees and there are plenty of horror stories of damage done to people and property when amateurs try to get up into trees and have a go at trimming themselves. Remember that assessing the strength of a tree is a science and best left to certified tree doctors who can work out the risks from falling timber, decide on the best means of access and then operate power tools at heights without damaging themselves, others, property, or the tree being worked on. We are a fully licensed, insured, bonded tree surgeonĀ service so when we get to work you don’t have to worry about unwanted results.

Trimming vs Pruning

One of the questions we often get asked is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. The answer is that trimming is usually about chopping back unwanted growth, perhaps because a tree is getting in the way, has been damaged somehow, or is simply growing in a lop sided way that threatens it in the future. Pruning on the other hand is the science of making the cuts that will encourage further growth and heavier fruiting in fruit trees. We can do both but pruning is usually done at a set point in the tree’s annual growth pattern so we will need to advise you on the best time for us to get to work.

Crowning Thinning and Raising

Some of the commonest trimming techniques we are asked to perform are thinning and raising the crowns. Crown thinning is where the growth in the crown has simply become too dense and thinning is advised both to help the tree grow better and to make it less of an obstruction. Crown raising is where the crown has reached down and now risks getting in the way of passers by or motorists so it needs to be trimmed back to a safe height. We’re always happy to advise on exactly what time of trimming will best suit your trees and which techniques will get the best results.

Trimming Damage

Where a tree limb is collapsing under its own weight or where storm or wind damage is threatening the structure of a tree we will decide which is the best point to make the incisions and cut away the damaged timber. We always bear in mind both your safety and the best interests of the tree when we trim.